When it comes to moving, deciding where to set down roots can often be even more of a difficult decision than actually picking a house to buy.

With a home, you usually know immediately whether it’s “the one” or not, but with a new city, there are so many variables and personal priorities that come into play… Is it safe? How is the community? Is there a lot of space? Is the school system good? What is the cost of living? And so on. 

If you’re considering moving to Midlothian or have a new job where moving is necessary, these are likely questions you have. 

To ease your worries and provide you with some helpful information, here are the answers to your top questions when it comes to moving and/or buying a home in Midlothian:

Is Midlothian, Texas a good place to live? 

Midlothian is a part of Ellis County, which is considered to be one of the best places to live in Texas. With a population of 29,743, the area hits that perfect sweet spot between a small town and a big city. While compared to the hub of Dallas it might feel like a small town, but it is filled with life. Plus, being a suburb of Dallas, Midlothian is only 25 miles from downtown. In this ideal location, you can visit the fun activities and exciting nightlife Dallas has whenever you wish!

With about 81% of residents being homeowners, you’ll also find a BIG sense of community in this small city. Often associated with cheesy movies, the idea of “neighbors becoming friends” actually exists here and every resident will tell you the same thing. Just read the recent resident reviews of Midlothian!

This may seem like a shockingly high percentage of homeowners, but when you look at the booming housing market and the sheer number of home communities, it makes sense. Midlothian is a great place to buy a home and invest in your future. 

Here are some more Midlothian home rankings that are based on rigorous analysis of census, income, and market data: 

  • #26 of 413 Best Suburbs to Buy a House in Texas
  • #64 of 1,050 Best Places to Buy a House in Texas
  • #11 of 124 Best Suburbs to Buy a House in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Knowing these stats can help you feel more confident in buying a home in Midlothian. While it’s definitely a big step, it’s much less stressful when you know you’re in the right place. 

Is Midlothian, Texas good for families? 

Midlothian is ranked #2 for the 2021 Best Places to Raise a Family in Ellis County. With Ellis county already being considered one of the best areas for families, this is a huge compliment to Midlothian!

As mentioned earlier, Midlothian has a very strong sense of community and a high population of families. When you join one of the many amazing home communities, you’ll find that the majority of your neighbors are also growing families. 

It can be a relief to know that the people surrounding you have similar interests and priorities: being safe, having fun, and building a meaningful life with the ones you love. 

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Does Midlothian, Texas have good schools? 

When it comes to your kids (or future ones), a major concern when moving to a new place is the schools.

Midlothian Independent School District (MISD) is a highly-rated public school district with over 8,400 students and a teacher ratio of 16:1. Again, this is another aspect of Midlothian that hits the perfect sweet spot of class sizes that aren’t too big or small. As a student of MISD, your child will receive the education and level of attention they need to flourish academically and socially. 

MISD’s main motto is “inspiring excellence” and it’s easy to see how they live that out each day by the way they govern their schools and care about their students. 

Plus, if you live in a master-planned community like Prairie Ridge, you’ll have a grade school within your community, just steps from your front door. The level of safety and security this closeness can bring to you as a parent is priceless!

Is Midlothian, Texas safe? 

Midlothian is in the 87th percentile for safety which means that only 13% of other cities in the United States are safer than this one and 87% are more dangerous. Obviously, no city is perfect and there are issues everywhere, but there is a level of comfortability that can be found in a low-crime neighborhood like Midlothian. 

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The rate of crime in Midlothian is 13.89 per 1,000 which is considered a very low percentage. People who live in Midlothian generally consider the northeast part of the city to be the safest. Additionally, the city is given an overall crime grade of an A.

While crime can be a scary topic to dive into, it’s helpful to know when you’re moving to a city that is considered to be highly safe. To find out more specifics on crime in Midlothian, check out this detailed breakdown here

Nothing Beats Living in Midlothian 

If you’re looking for a small city that is close to the hustle and bustle of Dallas but far enough away to have its own sense of small-town charm, then Midlothian is the perfect place for you! 

Based on resident reviews, 97% of Midlothian residents are very happy with their life in this city.

If you’re ready to make the move to Midlothian and are looking for an amazing master-planned community to live in, make sure to check out Prairie Ridge